At the Eastern CT Veterans Community Center we recognize and value the contributions that you—our veterans and active duty military personnel—make to our community in your role as students, employees, business owners, parents and community leaders.

We understand the sacrifices you have made through your service to our country and appreciate the leadership and broad experiences you bring to our lives, our community and our center.

We welcome veterans and military families from anywhere but focus our outreach on the communities in Eastern CT, from the Massachusetts border to the shoreline and from the Rhode Island border to east of the CT River

Our Mission
To support veterans and our military families and to advocate for their interests while providing them a safe, positive environment to meet, learn and grow.

Our Vision

To be the premier resource for veterans and military service members and their families. The Military Service Council and the Eastern CT Veterans Community Center will accomplish this by:
• Advocating for Veterans programs, benefits and rights.
• Recognizing, honoring and appreciating members of our military.
• Providing a safe environment for Veterans to talk, share and learn.
• Helping Veterans find quality jobs so they can support themselves and their families.
• Encouraging and mentoring Veteran entrepreneurs.
• Easing the transition from military service to civilian life.
• Providing information and assistance for all aspects of GI Bill® benefits and VA procedures.
• Raising awareness of veterans’ issues within their communities.